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Our Mission

We’re a team of engineers, designers, and financial experts who have deep experience with the financial consumer. We’re on a mission to build the future of financial advice.

Financial Health

47% of Americans families cannot afford an unexpected $400 expense, according to the Federal Reserve. We're on a mission to fix this, by improving financial health with practical advice made for real people.

The Human Touch

We're building a one-of-a-kind team of financial experts – our geniuses – empowered by technology and democratizing access to financial advice.


There is a massive, tangled web of financial products. We’re working tirelessly to make Albert simple and easy to use.

Founding Team

College roommates Yinon Ravid and Andrzej Baraniak each spent over a decade in the financial services. As a consultant to large banks and insurers, Andrzej spent countless hours with Albert’s customer. Yinon managed money for professional investors and then built his first consumer financial company, experiencing first-hand the overwhelming cost of managing money without guidance. They reconnected over dinner ten years after college, and the idea for Albert was born. Shortly thereafter, they began writing code and forging relationships to create Albert.

Albert “provides a personalized savings account… but it can also look at existing car insurance policies and credit cards and ferret out better deals.”

"Albert keeps an eye on all my accounts, tells me when my various bills are due, suggests ways to cut costs, and even features a built-in savings account. Everything’s in plain English, too."

"It differs in that users have access to a human 'financial concierge'"

“Albert is a mobile app that offers practical financial advice and partners with financial institutions… to integrate their services through the app.”

“The startup… offers a simple way to track your finances as well as personalized recommendations aimed at boosting your overall financial standing.”

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