Albert analyzes your income and spending, finding extra dollars to save automatically. Or, set your own schedule. Get annual cash bonuses on your Albert Savings.

Albert Savings

Watch your savings add up, automatically

Smart Savings

Smart Savings

Set it and forget it. Smart Savings analyzes your spending, income, and bills and sets aside small amounts of money throughout the week to help you reach your goals.

Savings goals

Whether it’s your emergency fund, a new place, or your next vacation — Albert can help you save toward all your goals. No matter how big or small.

Savings goals

More money in your pocket

Ways to save

Let Albert save for you automatically throughout the week with Smart Savings, or set your own schedule.

Cash bonuses

Get bonuses, just for saving. Albert gives you 0.10% annual bonuses — which rise to 0.25% if you get Genius.

Unlimited transfers

If you need the money you’ve set aside, there are no limits to how many times you can withdraw.

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Genius has helped members save and invest nearly $1 billion.



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