The most effective COVID-19 response on earth

And who else is winning this week

Apr 30, 2020 | Current events | Business
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V for Vietnam

The Southeast Asian nation, after several months of strict distancing measures and one certified hit of a hand-washing PSA, has yet to experience even a single coronavirus-related death among their 95 million residents, leading some to call it the "most effective response to coronavirus in the world."

Good for Google

Alphabet's stock soared nearly 10% in a single day to over $1300/share on the news that they've achieved a 13% increase in total revenue despite a decline in ad revenue and earnings below expectations, implying big tech's resilience during the financial storms of a pandemic.

Zoom zooms 300 million users, nearly the population of the entire United States, of which over 100 million were added to the exploding video-conferencing platform in a matter of days. Their user count at the end of 2019? Just 10 million.

Back to the lab again

At the University of Pennsylvania, a research project is attempting to train a team of eight Labrador retrievers to literally sniff out COVID-19, encouraged by the ability of canines to spot diseases like malaria and the fact that viruses do indeed have specific odors.



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