Fed says no more withdrawal savings limits

Colleges and their apps go virtual while Target sales hit bullseye

Apr 27, 2020 | Current events | Business
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Note: while withdrawals are unlimited, the money is not.

Savings accounts withdrawals become unlimited

The Federal Reserve Board now allows account holders to complete convenient transfers (aka withdraw) from their savings accounts at major banks beyond the typical 6 times per month limit, with no fees, as a temporary measure to help those struggling financially during the pandemic.

Virtual college app platform goes free

As the pandemic changes the landscape of higher education, the virtual college application platform Ciaflo has gone entirely free to high school students, making virtual college visits and sessions with counselors across hundreds of school more widely available.

And one coding institution goes campus-free

Holberton, a college alternative coding program, has opted to transition to a completely online model after having 9 campuses around the world. But no quad doesn't mean no tuition: they offer a tuition deferment model, asking for a percentage of one's post-graduation employment salary for four years rather than up-front pay.

What's better than a bullseye?

Target's latest online ordering numbers this month: a 275% increase in demand across all online shopping. Even with an unprecedented retail decline during the same period, overall sales are actually up 7% for the Minneapolis-based retailer.



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