$4K bonuses for new school bus drivers

Plus, Kim K in trouble for crypto ad and chickenless nuggets are here

Sep 08, 2021 | Current events | Get paid
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Seeking Ms. Frizzle

The latest challenge for students returning to in-person classrooms this year? Catching a ride. Nearly 80% of school districts across the country are struggling to put drivers behind the wheels of buses. And some schools are getting desperate. One Delaware school is offering to pay parents $700 per child to shuttle their kids this year. Another district in Pittsburgh has pushed back the start of classes by two weeks because it needs more than 400 drivers. And in Montana, a district is dangling $4,000 bonuses to entice new talent. So what's the hold-up? Well, a few factors are at play:

  • A national labor shortage has stalled returns to work.
  • About 50% of bus drivers are over 65, putting them at greater risk for Covid-19.
  • In some areas, drivers are unwilling to comply with mask policies.
  • A commercial driver's license, which can take weeks to obtain, is required.
  • And those with a commercial driver's license can often find higher-paying jobs that don't split their days with pickups and drop-offs.

But the hours could work well for retirees and stay-at-home parents who want to work part-time, for example. Plus, many schools cover the cost of training and provide benefits, like bonuses, PTO, and health insurance, and even let drivers bring along their own kids to save on daycare costs.


  • Bitter pill: OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma was dissolved in a bankruptcy settlement that will cost its owners $4.5B and end thousands of opioid claims.
  • Double trouble: It's not just you — the cost of a Lyft or Uber ride has nearly doubled in just three and a half years.
  • Krypto Kim: A financial watchdog called out Kim Kardashian for promoting Ethereum Max to her 250M IG followers without explaining the associated risks.
  • Bird-free nuggets: Impossible Foods rolled out plant-based chicken nuggets to 150 restaurants yesterday and has plans to be in many major supermarkets by the end of this month.
  • Cleared for takeoff: For $395 each way, you can hop on a seaplane and travel between NYC and Boston in just 90 minutes.



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