We’re changing the way people think about money.

Albert is on a mission to help every American reach financial stability. Our financial geniuses are redefining how people feel about money — helping millions forge happier, healthier relationships with their finances. And our products are built from the ground up to help anyone, at any level, succeed.

Our values

You, first

Our goal is your success. We want to make each and every interaction you have with money better.

Human guidance

Everyone has the right to financial expertise. There’s no substitute for an open, honest conversation with our Genius money experts.


Anyone can manage their money with Albert. Our products are designed to take complexity out of your financial life.

Co-founders Yinon Ravid and Andrzej Baraniak

Meet our founders

Their story began in college, where co-founders Yinon and Andrzej were roommates.

Andrzej went on to become a consultant to banks. Yinon managed money for professional investors, then launched his own investing startup.

Years later, they reconnected over dinner and reminisced about their dorm-room days — a time when their biggest question was whether to spend their last $20 on beer or pizza. Here, they decided to create a business that would remove the mystery and confusion from day-to-day financial decisions. They named it Albert.

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We’re searching for talented, passionate people to join us on this extraordinary journey.

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