Order Handling Disclosure

You understand that your orders are not placed on a real-time basis but are batched with other orders placed that day. Batch trading is a process in which trade orders are collected and then executed all at the same time.

We batch customer orders and execute them at approximate 1-minute intervals. For example, if we receive you order at 1:05:15 PM, we will execute it at or around 1:06:00 PM.

In certain occasions, such as during high-volume trading days, we may execute trades in more frequent batches.

Batch Trading may increase investment risk in a volatile market as the price at the time you place your order may differ significantly from the execution price. Because we use batch trading, our platform may not be appropriate for short-term investors who wish to employ market-timing strategies.

Albert Securities, LLC
V.01 04/30/2021



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