Albert Savings

Albert Savings is a service provided by Albert Cash, LLC and Albert Corporation that allows you to securely set aside funds and earn bonuses on your savings balance through the Albert app. Smart Savings is a feature of Albert Savings that analyzes your bills, income, and spending to help you save automatically. Additionally, subscribers to the Albert Genius product can create custom savings goals within Albert Savings.

Albert is not a bank. The funds in your Albert Savings account are held for your benefit at FDIC-insured banks, including Coastal Community Bank, Wells Fargo, N.A., and Axos Bank. Albert Savings accounts are not brokerage, cash management, or sweep accounts. Banking services provided through the partnerships with Coastal Community Bank, Wells Fargo, N.A., and Axos Bank are separate from and unrelated to the securities broker-dealer services provided by Albert Securities, LLC and the investment advisory services provided by Albert Investments, LLC. Those banking partnerships are between Albert Corporation or its affiliated entities and its banking partners and not Albert Securities, LLC or Albert Investments, LLC. Please see the Albert Savings Help page and our Terms of Use for additional information.


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