When summer plans fall through, find virtual shoes

Big jobs changes on a little island, and more money news

Apr 20, 2020 | Current events | Jobs
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Those checkered Vans are definitely a "fire" type.

If you had an internship this summer, the key word may be "had"

A recent Axios/College Reaction poll revealed that 75% of student's with job opportunities had their plans changed by COVID-19, with half of those jobs and internships were outright canceled.

Stuck inside, consumer app-etites have grown

App spend in the first three months of 2020 was $23.4 billion, the highest on record, up 20% over last April as millions opted for indoor entertainment on mobile devices during the pandemic.

Aloha jobs, aloha unemployment claims

As much as 21.7% of the Hawaiian workforce filed for jobless benefits this week, the highest among all US states as unemployment claims top 22 million for a four week period. The lowest percentage of filers? South Dakota, at only 4.9%.

I choose you, Yeezy 2's

Touting itself as Pokemon Go! for sneakerheads, new mobile app Aglet allows users to put their real sneakers to use walking around cities to buy, find and trade virtual ones.



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