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Distilleries start making sanitizer and students get free wifi

Apr 06, 2020 | Current events | Business
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Distilleries pivot to producing hand sanitizers for donation

In response to dwindling supply of hand sanitizers, local and national distilleries (including Anheuser-Busch) are putting their high alcohol content to a higher use.

Popeyes serves up Netflix to help pass the quaran-time

Netflix n' chicken? Not content to merely share chicken sandwiches, fast food chain Popeyes took to social media to share their Netflix login with 1,000 (c)lucky users.

Can't afford an apartment? Now you can buy shares in one.

That's the pitch from Compound, a start-up trying to get more millennials to invest in real estate by breaking up condos into 100,000 shares, allowing buyers to have "stake" in the ownership at a fraction of the price.

Public school students get the hookup from Verizon

With schools around the country closed indefinitely, Verizon announced they're providing free internet access to LAUSD students, helping as many as 100,000 kids learn remotely.



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