Now you can get lobster for $7.50

And other ways the pandemic is making businesses desperate

Apr 08, 2020 | Current events | Business
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Given the low demand for both seafood and restaurants, waiting to catch him would be a good idea.

Five-star ingredients, one-star prices

Shutdown fine-dining restaurants have started clearing out what's left of their pantries to sell to the public. The result in some markets: $7.50 lobsters and $30 dry-aged steak.

And speaking of lobsters...

Maine is projected by Oxford Economics to be the U.S. state most economically vulnerable by COVID-19. Why? Experts are citing a dependence on a specific agriculture with collapsing demand (seafood) and a high proportion of older citizens who work independently.

Even college might see a discount

In the form of refunds. Dozens of universities around the U.S. have decided to issue partial refunds to students for room and board on their now off-limits campus dormitories.

But gambling rolls on, even without sports

No MLB, NBA or Olympics? Sports bettors have moved onto greener pastures, in the form of betting on reality TV, table tennis and salmon-catching bears on nature documentaries.



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