Netflix hits homes and Shake Shack returns loans

A CEO becomes an ER doc and Starbucks brews a return

Apr 22, 2020 | Current events | Business
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Netflix's subscriber growth has no chill

The streaming giant added 15.8 million subscribers (think the population of NYC, LA and Chicago, combined), which more than double their expected projections as the world stayed in this March.

Shake Shack sends loan back

One of the world's fastest growing burger chains returned a $10 million loan they recieved from the small business paycheck protection program (PPP), after drawing ire from smaller businesses the loans were intended to help.

Bringing back the 'bucks

After nearly a month of disaster relief pay and shuttered stores, Starbucks plans to gradually reopen their 15,000 coffeshops nationwide, resuming normal operations in June with new safety measures and $3/hour bonus pay for employees in place.

Call it a career change

Which former electronics CEO is saving lives on the pandemic frontlines? That'd be Brian Levy, who after being bought out of his CEO position at RadioShack in his mid-40s, went back to medical school and now works as an ER doctor in Ontario.



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