People are spending less, but stocks keep rising

And student athletes make $$$ while your Rx takes flight

May 01, 2020 | Current events | Investing
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When the NCAA gives in, student-athletes cash out

Perhaps in response to growing pressure from pro development leagues that pay younger players, the NCAA has reversed a long-held ban on non-scholarship compensation, allowing student-athletes to profit off the use of their likeness in endorsements, video games and more.

Consumer spending down 7.5% in March

Consumer spending is down 7.5% year-over-year in March, the largest such drop on record. The biggest drops were felt in the services category (restaurants, bars, cafes) at 10% and in durable goods (think cars and appliances) at 16% as Americans stayed home.

But the best month for stocks since 1987 just ended

That's right, even with a 300 point drop to end the day, the Dow Jones Industrial Average ended April 2020 up 12.7%, its best month in 33 years. These gains show some optimism amid a market that was down over 23% in 2020's first quarter.

Rx drone home

Drugstore chain CVS is testing out a pilot program with UPS to deliver prescriptions via drone directly to patient homes. If that all sounds crazy, then you might be able to guess which state they'll be testing it in first.



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