How the average Joe makes $$$ from viral Tweets

The below-board ad trend that’s cutting into Twitter’s bottom line.

Sep 16, 2020 | Current events
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The #ad hashtag isn’t just for celebrities anymore.

Twitter users with a small following are riding the coattails of viral Tweets to make a few bucks. And their method is so simple, it’s surprising more people aren’t cashing in. Here’s how it works: When a user senses a Tweet is about to go viral, they’ll leave a reply mentioning a brand or product and direct the Twitterverse to that company’s website. In exchange, the company will pay the user a small fee of around $30. It’s not a lot of money, but not too shabby a return for 0.1 seconds of work.

Twitter’s losing out on revenue from below-board deals.

Brands hawking everything from cosmic room projectors to sink drain strainers are making deals with micro-influencers, much to Twitter’s chagrin. The social media giant can’t earn a cut from under-the-table deals made outside of its official ad network, and a rep from Twitter said failing to disclose payment for these types of promotions goes directly against the company’s terms of service. While Twitter admits they aren’t actively smoking out offenders who don’t tack on #ad to their paid posts, they are taking action when Tweets are reported. These crackdown efforts could quickly escalate if this style of advertising continues to take off and Twitter starts losing out on significant revenue. Wary users hoping to make a quick buck by reposting memes should probably consider alternative sanctioned ways to monetize their efforts.