Halving fun: bitcoin gains by playing hard to get

And other trends in money

May 12, 2020 | Current events | Jobs
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Bitcoin is "halving" a moment

After completing a rare halving event yesterday, in which the reward for mining bitcoin is cut in half to help combat inflation, the value of the king of cryptocurrency briefly surpassed $10,000/coin. This comes only weeks after plummeting to less than half that value amid the global economic crisis, but some analysts speculate that the decreased reward will hamper bitcoin's popularity among miners seeking more profitable crypto.

Speaking of half-capacity, Disneyland Shanghai reopens

Those who need a theme park fix are only an international flight, passport, customs line and temperature check away from tickets to Disneyland Shanghai, which opened their gates to visitors today after being closed since January. New safety measures limiting the park to 30% of its usual capacity may mean that some rides have more staff present than guests.

Female unemployment in double digits for the first time

The US unemployment rate crossed 16% for women, accounting for 55% of total jobs lost, while the jobless rate for men sits around 13%. This marks a major shift from 2008's Great Recession where over 70% of jobs lost were held by men.

"Uh, lemme get a number seven, medium fry... and a small puzzle?"

McDonald's and Heinz are hoping you'll relish the opportunity to stave off stay-at-home boredom with their own lines of jigsaw puzzles. While Heinz advertises their 570-piece, entirely red offering as the "world's slowest jigsaw puzzle," it may take even longer to figure out who might want to purchase a brainteaser from a condiment company.



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