Business reacts to COVID: extra pay, years, beers

From Chipotle to the NCAA, everyone's adapting

Apr 01, 2020 | Current events | Business
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Deals are being made for a COVID-19 vaccine

Johnson and Johnson announced a $1 billion deal with the US government to develop and manufacture up to 1 billion vaccines. However, they aren't expected to be available until 2021.

Now making the guac is extra, too

Chipotle has opted to raise the salary of its employees by 10% through April 12th as an "appreciation bonus" for their work on the front-lines of food service during the pandemic.

And student athletes have unfinished business

NCAA's Division I council voted to give student athletes whose seasons were cut short an extra year of eligibility, so save the last dance for those who missed out on March Madness.

It's 5 'o clock anywhere, when your bar is online

BrewDog, a multinational brewery startup, is set to open over a hundred "virtual" bars, replicating their brewpubs with quizzes, beer tastings, music and comedy (but BYOB).



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